ANSI MH31.2-2021 Test for Crash Testing Industrial Guardrail
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ANSI MH31.2-2021, Test Method for Crash Testing Industrial Guardrail Barriers and Barrier Posts

This standard provides a test method of evaluating performance characteristics for industrial guardrail barriers and barrier posts. Industrial guardrail barriers and barrier posts are commonly utilized within industrial and warehouse environments to safeguard against unwanted interactions with, or provide added protection against potential impacts from, passing industrial vehicle traffic. These devices are typically mounted directly to the ground-level concrete floor slab at a safe distance away from pedestrian aisleways, vital equipment, or critical infrastructure.

The test method outlined herein draws a distinct parallel to ASTM F3016 test methods due to the functional similarities and desired measure of performance. For the purposes of this standard, the surrogate test vehicle mass and impact velocities are revised to represent powered industrial truck impacts consistent with material handling operation conditions.
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