MH28.3-Spec for Design, Manuf, & Install of Steel Platforms

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ANSI MH28.3-2018 - Design, Testing and Utilization of Industrial Steel Work Platforms

This standard and companion commentary applies to industrial steel work platforms. An industrial steel work platform is typically a prefabricated free-standing non-building structure similar to a building with an elevated surface that utilizes a pre-designed framing system and is located within an industrial or similarly restricted environment. Flooring may include other structural or non-structural elements such as, but not limited to, concrete, steel, and engineered wood-products. This standard is intended to be applied to the design, testing and utilization of such structures. Industrial steel work platforms are hereinafter referred to as just “work platforms” or “platforms”. This standard does not apply to platforms whose structural framing components are not made from steel.

This standard is written based on the work platform being restricted from the general public and that those working on the work platform are properly trained, appropriately dressed, and physically able to work on such platforms in an industrial or warehouse environment. For applications beyond the scope of this standard, consult a qualified design professional. This standard is written around the preponderance of work platform installations and is not intended to limit the extent of possible designs nor the auxiliary materials that may be used in conjunction with a boltless shelving installation. Special designs, e.g., systems installed outdoors subject to wind, snow and rain, or the use of material not specifically cover in the standard require the approval of a qualified design professional.