CMAA Specification 70 - 2020 - Multiple Girder Cranes
JUST RELEASED- THE 2015 REVISION SPECIFICATION FOR TOP RUNNING BRIDGE AND GANTRY TYPE MULTIPLE GIRDER ELECTRIC OVERHEAD TRAVELING CRANES - NO. 70 - CONTAINS 9 NEW SECTIONS AND NUMEROUS UPDATES. This specification contains information which should be helpful to the purchasers and users of cranes and to the engineering and architectural professions. While much of this information must be of a general nature, the items listed may be checked with individual manufacturers and comparisons made which can lead to optimum selection of equipment.

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ANSI ECMA15: 2010 Spec for Cable-less (Wireless) Controls
The specifications and information contained in this standard apply to cable-less controls for electric overhead traveling cranes. Cable-less controls are also referred to as wireless or remote controls. The specifications in this standard are general in nature. Other and more detailed specifications may be agreed upon between the purchaser and the manufacturer to suit each specific installation. ECMA Specification 15 is referenced in CMAA Specification 70 and 74, Section 5.15.8, "Remote Control": For cable-less controls, systems shall be provided in accordance with ECMA Specification No. 15.

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